Thursday, July 3, 2014

Night Out

Happy Fourth Of July Eve!
 Still recapping my trip to Barcelona. I read in NY Times magazine about a restaurant called Baracca on the beach, so I made us a reservation there. I decide I would break in my new Nastygal Shoe Cult heels, as the place wasnt far and we were taking a cab. Leave it to Murphy's law to make sure I really broke them in!! Turns out there is another place with the same name but on the other side of town! Our cab driver took us there, and we had to walk a mile to find another cab! Then we get close to the restaurant and the street is closed, so I was in for another 10 min walk. I ended up with blisters but now the shoes are very comfy :)

My Outfit: Dress- Shakuhachi (one of my fav labels!), Shoes- Nastygal Shoe Cult Highway Pump,
and my beautiful Holographi Unicorn Purse, which you can get here

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