Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Black Velvet

Shirt: Stolen from an Ex-Boyfriend
Pants: Velvet Bell Bottoms, Brandy Melville
Shoes: Buckled Platforms, Forever 21 
Bracelet: Hermes
Purse: Fringe Bucket Bag, H&M

I think bell bottoms can be the coolest pants ever. They have to be done right though. I found these Brandy Melville bell bottoms the other day at a goodwill. They are amazing! I think the stretchy velvet really suits this type of pant. It gives them a nice texture and they are light and slinky. I also LOVE how huge the bells on these are. 

I paired them with a big slouchy shirt, that I acquired from an ex. It looked much better on me anyway haha. I really like wearing mens t shirts, especially when they are super worn like this one. And it has an awesome Native American guy on it to boot.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Spacey Horses

 Sunglasses: Ebay
Choker: Reappropriated from my sisters old goth jewelry
Dress: Pixie Market
Sneakers: Thrifted

Don't you just love when you find something that you completely forgot about (and also forgot you loved) in your closet? My closet is a disaster at all times so this happens to me quite a bit. This Pixie Market dress is one of those things. I mean, who knew that horses running through space could be so awesome in dress form? I love that it has a sweetheart cut over mesh.

This epic necklace I have on was also a discovery. My sister was super goth in her pre-teens and I'll admit I was a tad bit of one too. Maybe one day I will share pictures. Anyway, I was at my parents house searching for lost gems, and found this amazing charm! Thank you Katie for your angsty, dark phase. Obviously, I snatched it and I put it on this old velvet choker I had. They seemed meant to be.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Black and Tan

Crop Top: Keith Haring Mesh Tank, Forever21 
Pants: Vintage
Shoes: Buckled Flatform Sandal, Forever21
Clutch: Cat shape faux leather clutch,  Red N Bold

I know I have worn this top in a recent post but I love it! It is has a nice sporty cut, and the Keith Haring print is awesome. I am also obsessed with these Birkenstock style flatforms! It's funny though, I was looking at the site to get the link for these, and I read the reviews. They were all about how bad these make your feet hurt, and they really do. I have MAJOR blisters on both feet from the back strap. They aren't healing either because I love them so much, I can't help but wear them! I am also determined that eventually they will break in.

I wore this to a friends birthdays party at Soho House. I wanted to be slightly dressy, but also comfortable. I guess the shoes kind of defeated that purpose though. Haha.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pink Fluffy Unicorns, Dancing On Rainbows

Sweatshirt: Made by yours truly
Shirt: Forever21
Pants: From Target, that I cut holes in.
Shoes: Platform Birkenstocks, Forever21

On Saturday there was an all night event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The theme was fantasy night, and they showed three movies. The Neverending Story, Legend, and Labyrinth. Don't think it could have been a more epic and amazing line up of movies!

On the fantasy note, I thought it would be a good opportunity to bust out this unicorn sweater I made. On Ebay you can find some pretty rad vintage iron transfers and I thrifted the sweater, of course. It is a really cheap way to make cool, one of a kind pieces for yourself. 

 My friend took this. It was too hilarious not to post.

And to end this post, I will share with you where it got its namesake. May be one of the best/weirdest videos I have ever stumbled across.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

Cardigan- J. Crew
Dress- Vintage
Shoes- Thrifted

Oh Mondays......I have had Manic Monday by The Bangles running through my head all day. I too, wish it was sunday. 'Cause it's also my fun day. haha.
This pink cashmere J Crew sweater was an awesome thrift find I made over the weekend. I am actually not the biggest fan of pink but I really like this shade of it. I'm also digging how it goes with the pops of pink flowers in this vintage dress.  I paired it with some ankle socks and platform sneakers, because let's face it, a platform just makes everything better.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Garden Party

 Dress: Vintage; Shop Road To Nowhere

Happy Friday!
It has been super hot in L.A.  and it has made me super lazy. All I have been wanting to do is float in the pool.  I have justified this by the fact that summer is almost over.  One of my pool floating anthems has been this song;

It has such a nice dreamy quality to it. I discovered it from the movie I Origins.

Anyway, I did accomplish one thing. I went to a garden party for LAX Art, which is where I wore this outfit (the balloon was left over from my birthday). This dress is vintage from the 80's. I love finding pieces that feel like they could be made today.

 The party was at someones house in Beverly Hills. The party itself was okay, but it was worth it to see the photography collection these people had. Literally all of my favorites. Gregory Crewdson, Alex Prager, Diane Arbus, and Sally Mann. If you are at all into art/photography and do not know who any of those people are, you should look them up. They are all spectacular!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Movie at the Cemetery

Skirt: Vintage Saks Fifth ave
Watch: Vintage Sailor Moon

Recently I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see David Lynch's film Blue Velvet. I am a big fan of his but this was the first time I saw this movie. It is crazy and awesome!! It is really fun to go to movie thing at the cemetery. Always an eclectic crowd of people. If you live in L.A. or are here for a weekend you should definitely do it at least once.

I guess this outfit is a little dressy for this occasion but I just got these shoes and I really wanted to wear them. Plus, I thought it would be an awesome place to shoot outfit photos. The light was really beautiful. And of course I had to get a photo with Johnny Ramone <3

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Top- Vintage 90s Rainbow Tank, available on my Etsy shop :)
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage Soda Platforms

This top makes me feels so nostalgic. I feel like it is something you would have bought out of a Delia's catalog. Did you guys get those when you were teenagers? I thought it was the coolest catalog ever! My room was totally decked out in Delia's decor. I wish I had a photo of it. Neon inflatable furniture, zebra and leopard bedspreads, butterfly chairs. It was the epitome of the 90's.

I love that the 90's are making such a big comeback. I have been coming across some pretty epic pieces in my thrifting. Stay tuned, as they will be up on the shop.