Saturday, August 9, 2014


Top- Vintage 90s Rainbow Tank, available on my Etsy shop :)
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage Soda Platforms

This top makes me feels so nostalgic. I feel like it is something you would have bought out of a Delia's catalog. Did you guys get those when you were teenagers? I thought it was the coolest catalog ever! My room was totally decked out in Delia's decor. I wish I had a photo of it. Neon inflatable furniture, zebra and leopard bedspreads, butterfly chairs. It was the epitome of the 90's.

I love that the 90's are making such a big comeback. I have been coming across some pretty epic pieces in my thrifting. Stay tuned, as they will be up on the shop.


  1. I used to find the coolest treasures in thrift stores here, now all they deliver is crap! I love this ensemble, the top and ponytail are so funky :-D I saw you on loobook, and I gotta say, your style is freakishly cool!

  2. Thank you!! Checked out your blog. You are super adorable!! Followed you. (also love that you have Jane as your profile pic)

  3. Yeah I never got the catalogue when I was younger as I was still a baby when they were still making them.But I'd imagine that this is what their catalogues would look like If I were to take a glance at one. You know, faded images, a causal outfit with a hint of grunge edginess to them?

    But yeah the top is pretty cool, I like it!


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