Friday, August 15, 2014

Garden Party

 Dress: Vintage; Shop Road To Nowhere

Happy Friday!
It has been super hot in L.A.  and it has made me super lazy. All I have been wanting to do is float in the pool.  I have justified this by the fact that summer is almost over.  One of my pool floating anthems has been this song;

It has such a nice dreamy quality to it. I discovered it from the movie I Origins.

Anyway, I did accomplish one thing. I went to a garden party for LAX Art, which is where I wore this outfit (the balloon was left over from my birthday). This dress is vintage from the 80's. I love finding pieces that feel like they could be made today.

 The party was at someones house in Beverly Hills. The party itself was okay, but it was worth it to see the photography collection these people had. Literally all of my favorites. Gregory Crewdson, Alex Prager, Diane Arbus, and Sally Mann. If you are at all into art/photography and do not know who any of those people are, you should look them up. They are all spectacular!

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  1. OH MY GOD, PERFECT shoes A N D a Hello Kitty Balloon??? this is too much for me haha :D love it. you really make we want to cometo LA:) xx