Monday, September 15, 2014

Work Hard, Sleep Harder

Jacket: Vintage 90s Plastic Coat
Shirt Dress: Vintage Garfield
Sunglasses: Quay
Backpack: Vintage
Shoes: Deandri Olga Boot

I am so happy that Garfield has made a comeback! I think I was ahead of the game on this. I went on a vintage Garfield rampage a couple years ago, (I even found a phone). I was pretty stoked Lazy Oaf did a whole Garfield line after. 
In 1978, they came out with a sleep shirt line with zodiac signs. I am not a taurus, but the saying on the shirt is " A Taurus works hard, and sleeps harder." I very much relate to that haha. I also love the pastel pink with the mint. (You can't see because of my jacket, but the sleeve have mint stripes.)
And last but certainly not least, this coat!! This coat is so awesome! I have never see anything like it. I found it at a movie prop rental place and asked to buy it. The only down side is that its like a crunchy plastic, so it makes a TON of noise. But I just love the iridescence. It make me feel like I should be in some gritty 90s movie like Go, or Doom Generation.

Since I talked about it, here is my awesome Garfield phone:

Friday, September 12, 2014


Blazer: Vintage
Halter Top: Vintage
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Shoemint

"Dear Diary, 
My teen-angst bullshit has a body count."

This outfit today is inspired by the movie Heathers. If you have never seen that movie, you NEED to!! It is one of the best dark comedies ever.  And Winona Ryder is one of my idols. She is such an unconventional beauty.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cannabis Soup

Shirt: Made by me
Pants: Brandy Melville
Bag: H&M
Sunglasses: Ebay
Shoes: Buckled Flatform Sandals, Forever21

So tie dye has become my new obsession!! I have been experimenting almost every day with it and it is so fun!! I think soon I will put up a tutorial, if anyone is interested. 

I scored this amazing and hilarious shirt transfer on ebay. Like I said before, you can find super cool vintage iron transfers on there, and make super unique stuff for yourself.

These Brandy Melville bell bottoms have become my absolute favorite pair of pants ever! I am not sure if they still sell them but if they do, I would do yourself a favor and get a pair. I practically live in them.

I am also pleased to report that I have now broke in my Forever 21 flatforms. It did take a bit but now they are super comfy. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

She Is The One Named Sailor Moon

Shirt Dress: Thrifted
Sneakers: Thrifted; get similar ones here
Bag: Buried treasure from my parents house
Bracelet: Hermes
Sunglasses: Ebay, then embellished by me
Iphone Case: Silicone Totoro Case, Ebay

♫ Fighting evil by moonlight 
Winning love by daylight 
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon
 She is the one 
  Sailor Moon! ♫

I am attending Art Center College of Design this fall, and I wore this to my first day of orientation. I guess since it is art school, I felt the freedom to be extra eccentric. I found this star shirt the day before. It is actually an XXXL shirt, but who cares! I love finding shirts like this that are way too big. 
They make for a super comfy, slouchy dress. 

For my accessories I wore the embellished sunglasses I made, my usual necklaces and bracelet, and my old Sailor Moon bag. I can't express how ecstatic I am to have been reunited with this bag!!! I tell you, every time I go to my parents house I uncover amazing things. This was my bag when I was in elementary school. It was made in 1992! 

And of course my favorite new thing; my Totoro iPhone case!!! It is HUGE! But so damn cute I do not care.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Round and Round

Dress: Vintage 
Bag: H and M
Shoes: Thrifted

The babydoll dress! A staple of the 90s. I feel like I should be prancing around in the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video haha. I do love this dress though. It is great for the heat because it is a lightweight gauzy material. I also love the colors in it.
I went up to my parents house for a few days. It is always nice to go home and revert to my high school days of sleeping in, eating junk food, and watching bad T.V.  It is the only place where I don't feel guilty for that kind behavior. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

I Woke Up Like This

Hat: Vintage
Sunglasses: Ebay
Dress: Vintage
Boots: Steel Toe Boots, T.U.K.

Okay, so maybe I didn't wake up like this. However this dress is actually a sleep shirt from the 80s. I wear it all the time to bed. Today I just thought fuck it, I will throw on some black tights and combat boots and no one will ever know.  Except now you do. 

I am super into these sunglasses I just got. Every time I get new sunglasses I wear them until I am over them, and then buy a new pair. I never buy expensive ones though. I just can't justify it. Especially when you can get really cool ones for cheap. I get most sunglasses and other accessories   on Ebay. 

Even though it is almost fall, it is still hot as hell. Here is an awesome end of summer jam I just discovered.