Monday, September 15, 2014

Work Hard, Sleep Harder

Jacket: Vintage 90s Plastic Coat
Shirt Dress: Vintage Garfield
Sunglasses: Quay
Backpack: Vintage
Shoes: Deandri Olga Boot

I am so happy that Garfield has made a comeback! I think I was ahead of the game on this. I went on a vintage Garfield rampage a couple years ago, (I even found a phone). I was pretty stoked Lazy Oaf did a whole Garfield line after. 
In 1978, they came out with a sleep shirt line with zodiac signs. I am not a taurus, but the saying on the shirt is " A Taurus works hard, and sleeps harder." I very much relate to that haha. I also love the pastel pink with the mint. (You can't see because of my jacket, but the sleeve have mint stripes.)
And last but certainly not least, this coat!! This coat is so awesome! I have never see anything like it. I found it at a movie prop rental place and asked to buy it. The only down side is that its like a crunchy plastic, so it makes a TON of noise. But I just love the iridescence. It make me feel like I should be in some gritty 90s movie like Go, or Doom Generation.

Since I talked about it, here is my awesome Garfield phone:

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  1. Damn you and your amazing thrift finds!!! O_O I'm so jealous of the noisy jacket, it's so incredible!!! Haha, yeah, replace "work" with eat and you've got an Aries, aka me :D